Strategic Planning for Online Business Management

Strategic Planning for Online Business Management

Learn How to Build a Successful Business!Alain Hernandez, CEO and Founder at Hernandez MasterMind LLC Shares with you Strategic Planning for Online Business Management. When you have an Online Business there are many things that you must do consistently to help you Grow and have a stable Online Business.

Managing a Small Business Online comes down to what is the most Important. Online Business Management is much easy to Manage than your Local Business and that is because Online you will have more flexible options.

How to Manage a Small Business Online is not easy to do, specially when you got so many things to Manage. However if you focus on the 3 of the Most Important Aspects like Social Media Management, Website Management and E-mail Management. Your Strategic Planning for Online Business Management will become much easier.

Business Website Management

Your Business Website is REALLY the MOST important Part of your Online Business and you MUST master how to do Website Management effectively because, when you do growing your Website gets much easier. For your Online Business to be Found Online you need a Business Website that is Developed and Designed to Convert your Visitors into Leads, Subscribers and Customers.

When you often do Website Management for you to Monitor what is really going on, you can see who is coming to your website, where they are clicking and what is making them stay longer on your website. Knowing this information is important for you to have a Successful Online Business because, your Website will be the Final Destination for everyone who is looking for what you do.

I use an amazing Website Management and Monitoring tool and that is Google Analytics. This amazing tool helps me see everything that goes on with my website when it comes to Visitors, Conversion, Interaction and much more. I recommend you go to Google Analytics and Set it up on your website so you can start to Manage your Website Analytics.

Some of the few things you need to keep in mind when Managing your Website is the Content you have inside of it. To help you Increase Conversion, make sure to Improve your Blog area and the Posts you have created so your Visitors can Engage with your Content better. Another thing to also do is to Improve your Products and Services Pages as well so when your Visitors check them you can Convert them into Customers. There are other things you can do on your website to help you grow it like a Membership Portal if you wish to charge for your most valuable content.

E-mail and Contact Management

Learn How to Build a Successful Business!

One of the few Online Business Management Options that I highly recommend everyone to really get it is Contact and E-mail Management. Anything that happens Online will end up with Someone Contacting you via e-mail in need for something and many times with just questions.

Properly staying on top of your Contact and E-mail Management will help you Separate Good E-mails with Bad Ones and Contacts verses Leads. To help you be more effective when Managing your E-mails, I recommend you Create Folders or Labels inside your E-mail Client and then Creating Filters based on Words, Titles and From Address into specific Folders. The way this method works great is because, when you Label them it will help you know what E-mails to Focus on First and which ones to leave for later.

To give you a great example, I use Gmail and a Service called vCita to Manage My E-mails, Contacts and Calendar. A Google Account can be a great Asset for your Online Business because they Offer so many Products and Services for Free that you can use for your Online Business. Regarding your E-mails and Contacts, I have Created Several Folders and Labels for each e-mail type and for Contacts or Leads. Now whenever I open my E-mail Client online or on my Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone, I choose what to open and manage first and leave the not so important stuff for later without having to scroll through hundreds of crappy e-mails before getting to the important ones.

Properly dealing with your Contact and E-mail Management needs can help you break things down a bit easier. I basically tell Google that E-mails for my Contacts coming From to send into the Contacts and Customer Folder, E-mails Coming from Social Media Networks to send into another Folder I created called Social Connections and updates and so forth. Whatever works for you then Create those Folders and Labels and when you are done then Filter things out into such Folders and Label them so you can see what is what inside your Email Client.

Social Media Management

Your Social Media Networks is also very Important for your Online Business to survive if you wish to grow your Social Media Fans and Find your Potential Subscriber or Customer. In Addition to that, Social Media Networks is a place where you can share your Awesome Content and about your Company to those who have Connected with you and soon enough to Potential others that can find you through your Social Media Content.

Something to keep in mind when trying to do Social Media Management correctly is to Focus mainly on Sharing Information that relates to Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Strategy that you use in your Business and this will help others understand what you do but also learn from you. You then want to Manage and Monitor who likes, shares and comments on your content and who doesn’t.

To help me leverage my time more efficient, I use a particular tool called HootSuite and is perfect for all Social Media Management like Monitoring Interaction, Engagement, Comments and so much more. Social Media Management can be tricky and time consuming but, is well worth it at the end to have a fan base who are connected to you.

As you stay consistent on Social Media Management, you can then see who is liking, sharing or subscribing to your Content and what is not giving you those results. Constant Social Media Management will help identify the Problems and improve on them so you can continue Grow your Online Business and Brand using the Power of Social Media Networks. If you are looking to save time and manage it all in one easy to use Dashboard, I highly recommend HootSuite.

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